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Another year, another #GFNFives challenge! #GFNFives proved to be a roaring success at #GFN22, and we hope this year you’ll impress us all over again. We had entries from all across the globe, dissecting a huge range of issues from the public health impact of vape bans in India, to the challenges in creating risk-proportionate vape regulation, to hands-on vaper testimony in Chile. You explored the debate around vape flavour bans, the need to amplify consumer voices from across the globe, and how to strengthen science-led vaping dialogue. You shared your videos exploring risk analysis of popular nicotine pouches and the behavioural and pharmacological research required for novel nicotine products. Want even more inspiration? Take a look at our archive of #GFNFives from 2021 and 2022.

The final deadline for submissions is 2 May 2023 - but you can start sending us #GFNFives now. To submit your film, you just need to register at the conference website for free - although we would love you to join us, submitting #GFNFives is open to everyone, whether you’re joining us in Warsaw or not. Once approved and processed, #GFNFives will be published and promoted. The earlier you send us your films, the more people will see them! 

Register for #GFN23 to submit your #GFNFives

#GFNFive content categories are broad - ‘Science and innovation’, ‘Policy, legislative and regulatory issues’ and ‘Consumer advocacy, regional updates and general information’. The format’s up to you - present a slideshow with a recorded voiceover (check out this Powerpoint guide here), create an animation (there are some ideas on free tools here) or just use your smartphone or webcam to record a video. If you know someone doing interesting work, interview them. If you already have something that fits the bill, send it in - the content does not have to be exclusive to #GFN23. Finally - the clue’s in the name - #GFNFives should be five minutes or less!

It’s time to call ACTION on your #GFNFives. Check out our submissions guidance and let us share what you’ve got to say with the GFN audience.

We can’t wait to see what you create…

The #GFN23 Conference Team

P.S. Have you checked out the latest GFN TV interview with Mirek Dworniczak? You can hear more from Mirek at #GFN23, where he will be participating in a panel discussion: “THR: What does the last ten years tell us about the next ten years?”. Make sure to register and book your place for #GFN23 in Warsaw today.