The popularity of our #GFNFives open submission slot has shown that there’s a real appetite both for making and watching tobacco harm reduction content. In recognition of this, we’re offering some exciting new film opportunities in 2024:

Please note that if your film is selected for the #ScienceLab or Film Festival, you or a representative will need to attend GFN24 in person. Selected films may be added to the GFN24 conference website.


Our replacement for conference posters, #GFNFives are five-minute videos - with the new #ScienceLab option now open to scientific #GFNFives. Share your voice with the GFN community and beyond.


Scientific #GFNFives cover everything from lab-based to epidemiological research, modelling to chemical or toxicological analysis, to research on vulnerable populations. If submitting a scientific #GFNFives, you can opt to put them forward for the new #ScienceLab session, at which a selection of scientific #GFNFives will be screened, with authors invited to delve deeper in a 15-minute session (including the screening of the five minute video). If selected, authors will need to attend GFN24 in person.

The GFN24 Film Festival

Filmmakers, creators, and advocates are invited to submit work of any length that highlights the importance of tobacco harm reduction for public health. These films should raise awareness, educate, or inspire positive change for individuals and communities concerning tobacco use and its associated risks. Selected works will be screened in Warsaw, with a $500 prize for the ‘Best In Fest’. #GFNFives are eligible for consideration.