The theme for #GFN21 is ‘the Future for Nicotine’ and will address some of the concerns prompted by recent reviews and reports that will have an impact in different parts of the world, as well implications for discussions at the postponed FCTC COP 9 meeting, later this year.

Watch on GFN•TV...

With COVID restrictions preventing many people from travelling and participating in the conference, we will also be broadcasting the proceedings live, via our new GFN•TV platform, to ensure that nobody misses out.

Building on the experience from producing last year’s conference online, we aim to improve your experience watching from the comfort of your home (or office) and participating by asking questions during extended Q&A and panel discussion sessions.

... or attend in person, in Liverpool

Registration for those who are able to attend the conference in person is open now. The registration fee to attend the two-day event in person is £60 (inclusive of VAT).

If you are planning to travel to the GFN from outside the UK please check the latest UK government rules for entering England at:  Red, amber and green list rules for entering England.

Presentations, multimedia, interaction...

There will also be opportunities to chat online and to have your own short presentations (‘GFN Fives’) posted on in advance of the event on the #GFN website and available to view throughout. The presentations will remain available on the website after the conference as a permanent record of the proceedings.

A number of the formal presentations in the programme will also be posted on the event website in advance, with the aim of providing the maximum time for presenters to engage in live hosted panel discussions and debates, which will provide opportunities for participants to comment and ask questions online.

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    Complete the Registration Form

    Enter your name, your email and set a new password. Let us know which country and sector you are from - that's all!

    If you intend to participate in person, in Liverpool, complete also your address and payment info.

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    When you come back to this website, it will very likely remember you and sign you in automatically. If not (e.g. if you do not allow us to store session cookies in your browser), just sign-in again. 

    If you forget your password - no problem, go to the sign-in page and choose passwordless login - it will ask you for your email address, and will send you a message with a new link. Clicking on that link in your mail will take you back to the website and sign you in.

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Watch & interact with video posters

On June 10, one week before the event, we will open to the public a selection of submitted films, animations and video posters. We aim to provide you with a Netflix-like browsing and viewing experience, with multimedia divided into subject categories, most popular videos, etc.

Watch & interact with video posters

Watch & chat online

Watch the live event on 17 and 18 June 2021 from the comfort of your home (or office). Participate by asking questions during extended Q&A and panel discussion sessions. Chat and discuss online the topics of the forum.

Watch & chat online

Join us in Liverpool

We hope that positive developments with regard to COVID-19 vaccines might enable us to hold a limited gathering in Liverpool. If you are in the area, or if you can safely travel to Liverpool - be there with us on 17 & 18 June.

Join us in Liverpool

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