GFN 2024 participation costs

Mindful of the need to keep participant fees attractive and value for money, the organisers have kept them at the same level as for 2023. Below is a summary of the fees for different categories of registration. Please choose the one that applies to you

Local and Consumer Advocates (in person)£190

This fee applies to participants resident in Poland and those who are consumer advocates.

Academics/Public Sector/NGOs (in person)£390

This fee applies to those working/researching in academic establishments, including teachers in schools, those working for public bodies, including health and social services, and those working in NGOs, including drug and alcohol treatment services and smoking cessation services.

Small & Medium Enterprises (in person)£520

This fee applies to owners/employees of businesses with a turnover <£2m, and/or less than 20 employees.

Industry and Consultants (in person)£995

This fee applies to company personnel of businesses with a turnover >£2m, and/or 20 plus employees.

Online participationFree

Only selected sessions will be streamed live

Media (in person or online)Free

Applications for media accreditation will be checked by a member of the GFN Team before approval.

If you are uncertain which fee applies to you, please contact help[at] and a member of our registration team will provide assistance.