The Global Forum on Nicotine 2022 conference organisers are proud to have hosted the launch of new research from Dr. Lars M. Ramström at the opening of the event.

The research demonstrates that national availability of snus is clearly associated with lower rates of mortality attributable to tobacco - while country-level implementation of World Health Organization tobacco control measures is not.

Dr. Lars M. Ramström (born 1931) is Principal Investigator at the Institute for Tobacco Studies (ITS), an independent research agency in Sweden ( He started the ITS in 1991 after his retirement from the position as Director General of NTS, the National Smoking and Health Association, a predominantly governmentally-funded NGO dealing with scientifically-based public information to reduce tobacco-related ill-health. During his 24 years with the NTS, he supplemented his original training in natural sciences by developing a broad competence in tobacco-related aspects of medical, social, economic and other sciences, and he established a global network by engagements in numerous international activities such as the world conferences on smoking or health (secretary general of the 4th one, Stockholm 1979), various WHO expert committees etc. He is also active in the International Council on Alcohol and Addictions, in the roles as Honorary Vice President and Chairperson of the ICAA Section on Tobacco Dependence. During the years at ITS he has consolidated his role as researcher and is frequently engaged as reviewer for scientific journals. Dr. Ramström has no conflicts of interest to declare.