A Pharmacokinetic Study on Heated Tobacco and Heated Herbal Products With Adult Smokers - Tasnim Abusalem

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Imperial Brands' heated system is PULZE 2.0. It heats – but doesn’t burn – either iD sticks (which contain tobacco), or iSENZIA sticks (which contain a tea-based substrate, to which pharmaceutical grade nicotine is added). We undertook a clinical trial among 25 adult smoker participants to assess and understand whether PULZE 2.0 and iD/iSENZIA: - Delivered nicotine efficiently to subjects’ bloodstreams. - Reduced subjects’ desire to smoke, by evaluating their satisfaction, relief and psychological reward, and future intent to use. - Demonstrated favourable short-term safety and tolerability profiles. Tasnim Abusalem, Clinical Research Scientist, explores the key findings.


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