How Do People Form an Opinion About a Completely Novel Policy? - Marewa Glover

Very Low Nicotine Cigarettes
Tobacco Prohibition
Sinking Lid Policies
Smokefree Generation
Attitude Surveys

The New Zealand Government proposes introducing several novel policies to reduce smoking prevalence to 5% or below by 2025: Capping nicotine in combustible tobacco at 0.05mg per gram; Increasing the legal age of purchase by 1 yr every yr; Reducing the number of tobacco retailers countrywide from an estimated 8000 to 500 or below. To investigate how people form an opinion about novel policy ideas, we asked 40 of our Voices of the 5% Study participants what they thought of the policies. Using the Affective-Propositional Model for our theoretical framework and discourse analysis, this video describes the thought process people go through when asked to express an opinion on a novel concept.


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