Reducing Harms From Tobacco Use in the North East of India: Early Oral Cancer Screening and Tobacco Cessation Intervention

Tobacco Cessation and Early Diagnosis
Oral Cancer
Smokeless Tobacco

The high incidence of oral and smokeless tobacco use in the North East region of India proves to be one of the main etiological factors for the occurrence of premalignant oral lesions such as oral leukoplakia, oral erythroplakia and oral submucous fibrosis. Consistent use of these various forms of smokeless tobacco ultimately lead to progression of premalignant lesions to oral cancers, which is usually diagnosed at advanced stages. It is imperative for healthcare professionals be able to diagnose such oral lesions at the early stage and provide timely opportunistic tobacco cessation support to such patients.

Dr Deepti Bandaru

Centre for Health Research and Education


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