Reviews of Overheating ENDS Aerosol: Recent Updates - Sebastien Soulet

We provide a summary of our research of the last 2 years. We published two extensive reviews in 2022 revealing that at least half of the e-cigarette emission studies generated overheated aerosols by puffing high powered devices with low airflow rate. Since such aerosols would repellent for human users, the results of these studies are inappropriate to estimate risk profile of vaping. In 2023 we applied the same revision to studies exposing in vitro and in vivo systems to e-cigarette aerosol, with 41 generating aerosol from commercial system (InExpose from SCIREQ) and 69 with other means. We found that all 110 studies exposed biological systems to overheated aerosols. Therefore, the reported deleterious biological effects are irrelevant to asses the risks for real life vapers. Unfortunately, regulatory agencies often decide on vaping policies on the grounds of misleading outcomes from this literature.


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