Awareness Week - Quit Smoking - Qamar Iqbal

I am fully committed with K.A.C mission as it is a public’s health-friendly. In this context, last year in January 2023 I approached the effective and relevant persons and get convinced them then created a THR Action Group with aims to communicate and deliver the benefits of THR to health care practitioners, media persons, general public, smokers and tobacco & vape retailers. Last week January 2023, we carried out a THR awareness campaign title “Awareness Week-Quit Smoking” for direct conversations/material delivering, we installed mobile awareness camps near the tobacco shops with collaboration of THRAG to providing information to quit smoking support-seekers (pic- open link). Besides • We developed Doctors-information related material and delivered it at their practicing points (open link) • We approached media persons for publishing/delivering the information to maximum people • We approached tobacco and vape sellers to convey the THR vision Lastly, after 2 months we assessed our activities campaigns with focussed in activities areas. Report Findings: • We found that the 4 more vapes set up in campaign areas • We found 15 tobacco sellers have stocked some brand of vapes • 12 out of 20 vape sellers were in better position in communication to customers about device a smoking quitting tool and less harmful than cigarettes • Total 524 amongst 85% (446 - age 20-35) and only 10% (52- over age 55) purchased the vape products • 2% (10) of over 60 year age purchased vape products on doctor’s advice


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