A Ukrainian Soldier Sends a Message About Tobacco Harm Reduction During the Bloody War in Ukraine - Bengt Wiberg

War in Ukraine and Tobacco Harm Reduction
How Snus and Nicotine Pouches Save Lives at the Ukrainian Front and Globally

My snus friend Ingvar has been a solider in the Ukrainian army since the day after Russia attacked Ukraine. He used to be a small snus manufacturer before the war. He tells about how cigarette glow in the night whilst snus does not. Snus and nicotine pouches are allowed in Ukraine but banned in Russia by Putin. This video was shot by Ingvar and all the photos in the video was sent to me by Ingvar in order for me to produce this important message to the world on the hard reality in Ukraine and how snus, nicotine pouches and other tobacco harm reduction products save lives and why smoking at end a life in a fraction of a second, besides killing half of all that smoke prematurely. Ingvar is a war hero and a tobacco harm reduction hero and I am proud to have been his friend and snus brother since 2018 when Ingvar joined the EUforsnus consumer crowd movement.


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52 Seconds

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