Stubbing Out Smoking in the UK - Leaving No Smoker Behind - Olivia Brickman

Smoking Cessation
Market Research
Healthcare Professionals

Olivia Brickman, A healthcare market researcher at Impact Health, and Dr. Sudhanshu Patwardhan, the Director at the Centre for Health Research and Education discuss research they conducted with smokers, ex-smokers and those in positions that could help smokers wanting to quit (e.g. healthcare professionals, stop-smoking advisors, and vape shop employees). The Research was designed to (1) understand the key drivers and motivations behind smoking, wanting to quit smoking, and behind providing quit-smoking support. (2) identify the barriers to smoking cessation, and (3) uncover key themes and opportunities. The talk will discuss our methodology and share some of our results, and consequent actions.


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5 Minutes
20 Seconds

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