For a Smoke-Free Pakistan - Daud Malik

Harm Reduction
Tobacco Use

This animated video highlights the problem of tobacco use/combustible smoking in Pakistan, and what needs to be done to control it. Alternative Research Initiative advocates for listening to the concerns of smokers – what kind of assistance they need to switch or quit. ARI believes the solutions to Pakistan smoking problem are effective cessation services, making THR part of tobacco control policies, listening to smokers, and sensibly regulating THR products. ARI works to provide researched-based solutions in a variety of social fields, including health, education, governance, culture, etc. in Pakistan. Pakistan Alliance for Nicotine and Tobacco Harm Reduction (PANTHR), a project ARI, is an initiative aimed at promoting innovative solutions for smoking cessation. While remaining committed to and supporting tobacco control efforts in Pakistan, especially Article 14 of FCTC, the alliance serves as a platform for advocating and promoting all innovative solutions for ending smoking whether counselling, NRTs, or harm reduction. Over the last two years, ARI has conducted research studies on THR market in Pakistan, along with KAP studies on vapers and smokers.


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