ETHRA: The Consumer Voice in Europe - Damian Sweeney

Consumer Advocacy
Tobacco Harm Reduction
Safer Nicotine Products

European Tobacco Harm Reduction Advocates (ETHRA) is the voice of consumers in Europe. ETHRA is made up of 22 consumer associations in 16 countries, who represent the interests of consumers of safer nicotine products. Legislative attacks on safer nicotine products have been steadily increasing in Europe, and far too often the people most affected -we consumers - are marginalised and ignored. Through our proactive advocacy efforts, ETHRA and partners have been recognised as legitimate stakeholders for important EU consultations. We work to guarantee the consumer voice is heard loud and clear: safer nicotine products must remain accessible, appealing, and affordable to all adults. Our presentation features the voices of Sarah Jakes, Ángeles Muntadas-Prim Lafita, Norbert Zillatron Schmidt, Bernice Evans, Bengt Wiberg, Tom Gleeson, Claude Bamberger, Damian Sweeney, and Philippe Poirson.


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5 Minutes
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