Category: science-2021
Duration: 5:20
Description: This study adds to the growing body of evidence supporting the utility of ENDS products as potentially reduced-harm alternatives to cigarettes for adult smokers. Adult smokers who switched completely from cigarette smoking to use of the JUUL System (“JUUL”) in two nicotine concentrations (5.0% and 3.0%) and four flavors significantly reduced their exposure to multiple classes of cigarette-related toxicants. Additionally, smokers who used JUUL and continued smoking but reduced their daily cigarette consumption by ≥50% (dual users) also significantly reduced their toxicant exposure compared to cigarette smoking.

Author: Gal Cohen

Co-Authors: Nicholas I. Goldenson, PhD, Patrick Bailey, PhD, Stephanie Chan, PhD, Saul Shiffman, PhD,

Organisation: Juul Labs

Funding: Juul Labs

Format: powerpoint


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