Category: policy-2021
Duration: 5.53
Description: Short segment describing and depicting the tone-deafness in Swedish Tobacco Control when dealing with realities. The video was shot live and discussed afterwards at a Dissertation event at a Swedish hospital. The dissertation concerned arterial stiffness from nicotine use also in snus and inferred e-cig as a per unit equally deleterious product as snus clearly is. The truly shocking bit to us was hearing a globally recognised expert voicing a wish that authors in academia who have any aligned thoughts whatsoever with the tobacco industry should be clearly marked with a red star so that students will know what to avoid and what is ok to use a study material.

Author: Swedish Consumer Advocacy for global THR

Co-Authors: Bengt Wiberg, Atakan Befrits

Organisation: EU4Snus and NNA Sweden

Funding: No funding

Keywords: #snus #ST #All-white #Nitrosamines #ToxicST #India #Moistsnuff

Format: documentary


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