Category: science-2021
Duration: 4:57
Description: We compare the characteristics and use patterns between US adolescent users of JUUL-brand ENDS versus other brands of ENDS using the National Youth Tobacco Survey data. Adolescent ENDS use declined between 2019 and 2020, with a particularly steep decline in JUUL use. The pattern of adolescents’ JUUL use in 2020 was largely similar to that of other ENDS users, contrary to common perceptions about JUUL. These results indicate that ENDS products should be approached as a broad category, rather than individual segments or brands.

Author: Sooyong Kim

Co-Authors: Floe Foxon, Saul Shiffman

Organisation: PinneyAssociates, Inc.

Funding: PinneyAssociates, Inc

Keywords: #adolescent #electronicnicotinedeliverysystem #JUUL

Format: powerpoint


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