Category: advocacy-2021
Duration: 4:18
Description: What you should know about nicotine! What commonly comes to our mind in regards to nicotine? There is a misunderstanding in which the lack of explanation about the different ways of substance administration and its differentiated risks reigns. The cigarette Impact and risks by combustion, highly documented, are not the same not only as vaping but also as heated tobacco or oral consumption and others. Therefore, learn what it is about harm reduction for those who can not or are not interested in stop smoking.

Author: Plataforma para la Reducción de Riesgos y Daños en Nicotina

Organisation: Plataforma para la reducción de riesgos y daños en nicotina

Funding: PMI

Keywords: #Harmreduction #humanrights #publichealth #informationright #nicotine #scientificevidence #nicotineusers

Format: animation

Publication Details: Global Forum on Nicotine, 17–18 June 2021, Liverpool, United Kingdom


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