Category: science
Duration: 5.00
Description: New Zealand’s Smokefree policy aims to reduce smoking prevalence to 5% or below by 2025. Voices of the 5% is a qualitative longitudinal study following adults who at enrolment, between June 2020 & March 2021, did not want to stop, or they believed they would not be able to stop smoking by 2025. 15 (out of 62) participants had not tried vaping at entry to the study. This video looks at the facilitators and barriers to vaping among them over the subsequent 18-20 months.

Author: Marewa Glover

Co-Authors: Emma Hurrell

Organisation: Centre of Research Excellence: Indigenous Sovereignty and Smoking

Funding: Foundation for a Smoke-Free World

Keywords: #Vaping #smokingcessation #attitudes

Format: video


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