Category: policy
Duration: 02:13
Description: The Swedish minister for business, industry and innovation, Mr Ibrahim Baylan of the Socialdemokraterna ruling government party answers the question from Bengt Wiberg on TV via the CEO of Företagarna (The Swedish federation of business owners) Günther Mårder. The question was "Why doesn't the Swedish government work for allowing snus in the European Union? The video is documented evidence of a government not telling the whole truth and merely trying to avoid the subject that could bring snus, as an optional greatly reduced harm nicotine product, also to some of the 100 million daily smokers in the European Union. Sweden has the lowest daily smoking prevalence in Europe (5%), very much thanks to snus. This is also the reason why Sweden has the ultra lowest rates of lung cancer, oral cancer, cardiovascular diseases and other smoking tobacco caused cancers in Europe.

Author: Bengt Wiberg

Co-Authors: Günther Mårder, Företagarna

Organisation: Euforsnus & EU4snus


Keywords: #snus #EuropeanUnion #EU #BengtWiberg #EUforsnus #EU4snus #Socialdemokraterna #IbrahimBaylan #harmreduction #Swedishgovernment

Format: interview


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