Category: science
Duration: 2:43
Description: BAT conducted its first year-long randomised study in the UK to see what impact switching entirely from cigarettes to glo in a real-world setting would have on markers of smoking-related disease development in the long term. The results from the 6-month timepoint have shown that switching completely to glo resulted in statistically significant changes across a range of biomarkers of exposure (BoE), and health indicators, known as biomarkers of potential harm (BoPH), compared to continuing to smoke.

Author: British American Tobacco

Organisation: British American Tobacco

Funding: British American Tobacco

Keywords: #Tobaccoheatingproducts #heatnotburn #NewCategoryProducts #TobaccoHarmReduction #Scientificresearch #BAT #glo #DavidO'Reilly #Clinicalstudy #

Format: interview


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