Category: science
Duration: 4:42
Description: Evaluation of the effects of heated tobacco product (HTP) on symptoms that are indicators of health status was conducted using data from clinical trials conducted in the past. In addition, the effects of smoking experience in the past, which are necessary for correctly assessing the health effects of HTP users, were also examined. As the result, It found differences in HTP user group and other groups (current smokers, never smokers). In addition, as a result of evaluating the effect of the HTP user group on the symptoms of the smoking experience before HTP use, it was shown that the effect was statistically significant.

Author: Yuki Kimura

Organisation: Japan Tobacco inc. (Scientific & Regulatory Affairs, Tobacco Business)

Funding: Japan Tobacco Inc

Keywords: #HeatedTobaccoProduct(HTP) #smokingexperience #cross-sectionalstudy

Format: powerpoint


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