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Conference organisers invite #GFNFives - short film submissions from the global tobacco harm reduction community

#GFN21 saw the conference organisers launch #GFNFives as a replacement for poster presentations, an open submission slot for five-minute films on nicotine science, policy and tobacco harm reduction advocacy from the GFN conference community. The breadth and quality of the submissions the team received was incredible. 

Over 70 videos from all around the world explored a huge range of issues from vaping advocacy in Thailand, to simulation modelling exploring whether the ‘gateway effect’ for adolescents is a reality, to the tenor of the debate around tobacco harm reduction, to a chemical analysis of the aerosol generated by a heated tobacco product or to barriers to switching among New Zealanders

Watched by over 5,500 people during the event alone, the #GFNFives from 2021 continue to be viewed on the conference website. The organisers are now inviting anyone with an interest in nicotine science, policy and tobacco harm reduction advocacy to submit new #GFNFives films for the 2022 event before the deadline of 2 May 2022. 

Attendance at the conference is not a requirement for submitting films. To send in a video, free registration at the conference website is all that’s needed. Once approved and processed, #GFNFives will be published and promoted. 

The #GFNFive content categories are broad - ‘Science and innovation’, ‘Policy, legislative and regulatory issues’ and ‘Consumer advocacy, regional updates and general information’. And the format is open, as well; videos can come as slideshows with recorded voiceovers animations or videos recorded on smartphone or webcam. Existing video material is acceptable - the content does not have to be exclusive to #GFN22. The organisers request that people wishing to submit short films read the submissions guidance carefully before recording and uploading. 

The organisers look forward to showcasing these films throughout the live event from 16 - 18 June and also on the conference website. 


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