GFN Fives - Examples

GFN Fives are short multi-media presentations, up to a maximum of five minutes each. Those selected for inclusion will be posted on the conference website from 10 days before the conference and will remain online as part of the archive site for the event.

Possible formats for the ‘Fives’ are:

  • PowerPoint video presentations, with audio and/or video accompaniment;
  • Descriptive videos, demonstration new science and/or technology;
  • Short interviews or commentaries on specific issues;
  • Animation to illustrate an issue

Note: examples presented below have been selected to illustrate only the format, not the content or time of delivery - most are much longer than the five-minute limit that we impose, and many are not related to nicotine.

PowerPoint video presentations

When you create a PowerPoint presentation, you can turn it into a video, with either just an audio track, or (preferably) a video overlaid on top of the presentation. We expect to receive from you either the final video, or a PowerPoint with embedded audio/video, which we can convert into a video file.

Demonstration of technology

This is a classic video, either recorded in a studio, or in other specific settings. 

The demo here is an example (off-topic, but fairy illustrative) of how a "demonstration of technology" video can be created - highlighting a specific concept, while not focusing (and preferably not revealing) any specific product or brand.

Recording this type of video usually requires support of an AV team.


Commentaries should not include presentation slides (or very few, if required for illustration). 

  • Example commentaries recorded using a simple camera can be seen here and  here
  • This type of video is easy to record even with your phone camera, however we expect you to use a tripod or to stabilize your camera. 
  • Instructions: how to record a commentary using simple online recording tool can be downloaded here.

Short interview

Short interviews, conducted either face to face, or via skype or other teleconferencing tool.

Animation to illustrate an issue

Recorded using any technology, for example:


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