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GFN Fives

GFN  Fives 

GFN Fives

Obviously not everyone who wishes to can present live during the programme for #GFN21. In previous editions we have been able to offer the opportunity to have posters that were displayed during the conference, which proved to be a great success. In the current circumstances traditional posters are not an option, so we are offering a different type of opportunity for you to contribute to the conference.

GFN Fives are short multi-media presentations, up to a maximum of five minutes each. Those selected for inclusion will be posted on the conference website from 10 days before the conference and will remain online as part of the archive site for the event.

Possible formats for the ‘Fives’ are:

  • PowerPoint video presentations, with audio and/or video accompaniment;
  • Descriptive videos, demonstration new science and/or technology;
  • Short interviews or commentaries on specific issues;
  • Animation to illustrate an issue

The broad categories for the ‘fives

  • Science and innovation;
  • Policy, legislative and regulatory issues;
  • Consumer advocacy, regional updates and general information;

The GFN Fives should incorporate the following qualities:

  • preparedness - presenter has closely scripted their video, and has timed it
  • a clear narrative - a beginning, middle and end for the script
  • the use of an initial hook to grab the viewer's attention
  • no jargon, plain English
  • clarity of explanation - no assumptions made about the viewer's knowledge level prior to viewing
  • engaging and personable delivery, and a conversational tone

Participants in #GFN21 will be encouraged to visit the ‘Fives’ page on the website during the breaks between sessions and there will be one session in the programme where a panel will discuss the content and themes raised in the ‘Fives’.

If you have any questions regarding the "GFN Fives" email us at [email protected] or use the contact form.


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