Conference  Programme Structure 

The formal programme for #GFN21 will be shorter than in previous years, being broadcast live from 1145 to 1730 UK time, with breaks, each day. The programme is designed to increase the opportunity for questions and discussion during the sessions.

The conference sessions will comprise:

  • three  Michael Russell Keynote  sessions – one each to open and close day one, with another to open day two – each delivered by an invited speaker, with brief responses from invited respondents and followed by some audience contributions and questions.
  • four Panel Sessions (one hour each) will bring together panellists from a wide variety of disciplines and geographical locations to discuss and debate important and topical issues. Each panel will be co-hosted by two people, who will drive the session. To allow for maximum discussion, including audience Q&A, the panellists will be required to record (up to) 10-minute presentations, which will be available for pre-conference viewing, at least 7 days beforehand. These will not be played in full during the conference, rather will be referenced, with the aim to make the sessions dynamic and engaging.
  • two Hosted Sessions  (45 minutes each) will also be included. One a discussion of the  GFN Fives , posted online prior to the conference, and the other will hear from  consumer voices.

Prior to formal proceedings each day, during the lunch break and at the end of each day, we will have some live discussion from our studio, with the  GFN Commentary Team  in Liverpool, about the day’s content. This will include a closing session on day two, where initial feedback on #GFN21 can be given, as well as issues for future  GFN•TV events flagged up.

Download the conference reader with full programme, bios, and GFN Fives here.


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