GFN: Please tell us a bit about yourself. What is your area of work?

John: My area of work is in IT, however I have a scientific background (Chemistry). I volunteer with a medical charity and I have been part of the THR advocacy movement in the UK for about 10 years now.

GFN: How did you hear about GFN? What made you decide to attend GFN 2022 and I hope this year?

John: I heard about GFN from David Dorn and Sarah Jakes (NNA UK). I try to attend where I can, to try and give an honest view from the ground and also to try and mediate views from different perspectives.

GFN: How did you get interested in nicotine harm reduction, new nicotine products, or related topics?

John: I had been a smoker since my early 20's which was having a significant impact on my health. I had tried many times to quit unsuccessfully, using pretty much every available method. in 2007/2008 I started experimenting with early ecigs and two or three years later I totally switched.

GFN: What is your area of particular interest?

John: My particular area of interest is I guess "the wide view". It's too easy to fall into a silo of one problem, one "enemy".

GFN: Thank you for sharing your feedback with us!